DICYP provides services of “Virtual Design and Construction & Sustainable Engineering”, to build “healthy” and efficient buildings in which the people who inhabit them can live, work and spend their free time in comfort conditions at the same time as the impact of your activity be careful with the environment. Our work methodology.

From DICYP we understand the BIM as a multidisciplinary work methodology that allows us to address all phases of the construction life cycle: Previous Studies, Design, Construction, Start-up and Operation. Having as principles for the development of our activity, availability, friendliness and technical competence.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) has historically been the flagship of DICYP activity.
VDC ranges from assistance in defining the design to the supervision of the assembly and commissioning of the facilities through BIM, thus allowing coordination among the specialties, of these with architecture and structure.

Installations developed:

Plumbing and Sanitation
Renewable energy
Electricity and Lighting
Special facilities
Industrial facilities
Fire protection

Energy Engineering

The know-how accumulated in the design and commissioning of the facilities allows us to achieve a tangible improvement that allows achieving a tangible improvement of the ENERGY EFFICIENCY in those facilities in which we intervene.

Through BIM we can analyze the solutions and configurations available for the design, allowing its optimization and search to increase its performance.

DICYP as a company offers the following services:

Energy Audits
Integral Energy Control
Energy certification of the building


We have the collaboration of Ecopenta for the development of sustainable projects

Continuous technical assistance

We offer a comprehensive exploitation service throughout the life cycle of the building, identifying conflicts between project members, as well as pathologies in early stages through monitoring and continuous analysis.

The processes we serve are:

Continuous Commissioning

Maintenance Engineering

We have the technical capacity to carry out tests and verifications, guaranteeing the perfect functioning of the facilities during the life cycle of exploitation of the buildings
From the BMS communicated with BIM, we can control and exploit, allowing us to detect all pathologies before the appearance of them.

Integrated Management

DICYP provides services that allow the development and monitoring of the project throughout the life of the building, from its previous studies to its demolition

Its objective is to provide the Client with the external professional resources necessary for the direct control of the investment, in line with the objectives established by the client.

Within these services, the following are included:

Design: Basic and detail engineering
Contracting Management
Price / Term Management
Supervision of construction and assembly
Legal processing
Start up

This work management model enables the client to direct the work in packages, allowing:

Run design and construction simultaneously
Have more time for design
Include changes and improvements during the work
Reduce the total term of the start-up
Have a greater control of the quality of the work

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